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*photos in this Cimarron horses slide-show courtesy of Lesley Deutsch , Debe Holland, Kathy Oliver, and Jackie Fleming. 

Hello fellow horse lovers. Please bear with us. We are currently in the process of dissolving our non-profit after 15 years of being a 501(c)(3). We have been honored to be in such a worthy business and to have met some wonderful, supportive friends. Be assured that the future of our horses is paramount in all of the choices we make and we are determined that they will continue to find refuge at the Shadowlands Ranch for all of their natural days.

Thank you to all who have supported us and shown an interest in our mustang herd. Thanks too to all those who fight for the rights and welfare of America's wild ones. 

From now on we will not be accepting any donations. Happy trails!


CIMARRON : Spanish for 'wild and untamable'.

SKY-DOG : Old Native American word for 'horse'.

RESERVE : An area of land reserved for some special purpose.

Please send good thoughts for bountiful rain in the coming year. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Our dream will always be for rain, rain, and more rain!

Our Mission

Our original Mission Statement (below) was written in 2000, the year the 'Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve' was founded but ever since 2007 we have focussed 100% of our resources and expertise in providing a forever home for captured mustangs, either adopted from the New Mexico Forest Service or the BLM. We now have 38 horses that run free, year round at the 'Shadowlands Ranch,' near Watrous, New Mexico, but with just 1,100 acres (in an arid climate with no irrigation) we have reached our capacity. Without more land, we won't be adopting any more horses but we continue to help horses in need and those folks who provide sanctuary for them. We also try to help America's wild horses and those sanctuaries who are providing refuge for them and giving intervention when possible. We also support those who are promoting the cause and spreading the word of the plight of wild horses in America, whether they be film makers or writers or activist groups. We feel it is through education and bringing the world's attention to the plight of America's mustangs (and horses in general) that could have the biggest impact on their future and well being. We have always used the arts, film, photography, art and literature to help raise awareness for the horses and we continue to do so for the wild horse cause and other horse sanctuaries.

Our Original Mission Statement 2000

Our philosophy is that had horses been left in the wild they would not have needed to be 'kept' and therefore would not have become dependent upon us. And, in the case of wild horses, had man not encroached on their wild lands and depleted their resources, they would still be able to remain self-sufficient and autonomous without our intervention. So, it is man who is responsible for the predicament that faces all horses and since they are unable to speak for themselves it is the mission of the 'Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve' to protect and respect the rights of all the horses that come under our umbrella of influence.

One of our main goals is to provide a wild land reserve for displaced, un-adoptable and rejected wild horses whose only other alternatives would be a lifetime of confinement or perhaps even slaughter. We offer these wild refugees their freedom back by providing a reserve of open land where, with some supervision, they remain autonomous but safe from the threat of starvation, captivity and thirst.

We also offer a home for abused, jaded, neglected, abandoned and retired domestic horses that otherwise face destruction and desertion. We offer them their own taste of freedom by either turning them out to pasture or at least offering a safe and spacious home where their needs are met for as long as they have left.

While this is a private sanctuary, we work in co-operation with several other sanctuaries to ensure that each horse that comes to our attention, whether it be from private sources, the BLM or other sanctuaries and animal welfare groups, will be placed in the best situation that will benefit its special needs. It is the goal of the Cimarron Sky-Dog Ranch to seek out or provide the best home and the best chance to live a full and happy life, for every horse that we take in..

The Cimarron Sky-Dog Ranch is a refuge for horses already in existence and does not encourage the breeding of either the wild or the domestic horses that will eventually make their home within it's boundaries. We take population control seriously and explore all avenues of birth control while at the same time preserving a life for our horses that is as close to their natural state as possible.